Here it is 2020 !

Like each New year Eve there’s something special today, again . There’s a lot of anticipation ,a lot of gratitude,a lot of reflection,tons of introspection and some amount of retrospection.

It’s a strange picture which runs through my mind almost every year , around this time- a picture, where I see a train moving slowly on a circular rail track , slowly inching ahead and leaving a big echo of its whistle in the hills where it’s journeying. In my thoughts i feel like a traveller at times and sometimes like an onlooker. The other times I feel like the locomotive driver who knows the path ahead , the smooth trails and the hidden dangers. The locomotive driver who knows his destination ,the stations to halt at and who fearlessly knows the perils of uncertainty awaiting on such a journey. That fearless look on the driver’s face is a virtue and comes from a relentless faith , a faith that says ,that God took care of my passengers and me during the previous journey ,He is going ahead today as well.

That’s the exact feeling I have today and every year on the New year’s Eve .So here I am looking ahead and trusting God for an immensely blessed 2020 and looking back and thanking Him for 2019 – a year full of joys, sorrows,losses,pains, achievements,gains and above all His Grace to go through all of it bravely , fearlessly . I know like each year, I will have different roles to play sometimes just a passenger,the other times onlooker and at times the driver, yet there’s a calm unwavering assurance that He is going ahead to charter my and your 2020.

So let’s happily welcome a blissful New Year! Stay well:)

7 thoughts on “SHLS

  1. Well said Sarah! It’s true that with HIS (whatever we call HIM, as Ram or Allah or Jesus) blessings and support we can do wonders whatever role we have to play in our lives…wishing all a wonderful 2020…and years ahead…
    God bless all and take care please ….

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  2. Very well written.. I can so relate to this & heres’s declaring one of my fav verse from Bible for you –
    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

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  3. Sarah
    loved the imagery and the comparison to the train doing the tracks
    Indeed life is many times circular….and a circle is made of an infinite no of straight lines
    so the play of shadows and the game of straight runs and curves continues infinitely
    during all this the joy of anticipation must be balanced with gratitude and you have captured that tone very well
    Losses and gains, achievements and trails all alternate….and that is what makes life so much fun

    Unfortunately, as an agnostic, I only differ with you on trusting and thanking God
    I feel the gratitude and trust we owe to our fellow human beings who are fellow travellers with us in the journey…sometimes sharing their food and berth with us and sometimes causing us stress and tension

    But as Mao said Let thousand flowers bloom, so I have no quarrel with the Believers
    To each his own

    Keep writing
    it was a refreshing piece which makes one reflect

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    1. Firstly thank you Mr. Shirodhkar for taking out time to write your inputs… I have always been a fan of your writing and humility…you rightly mentioned about having gratitude towards our fellow humans, co passengers on this earth…I agree our journey on earth is significant when we take others along, have a grateful heart and share generously… Once again,thank you for your insightful comments.Regards.

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